Oldies Car Club

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Club History


 Oldies Car Club History

In the summer of 1975 three friends thought that it would be fun to start a car club
that would consist of old cars. During their lunch break, in the shipyard where they
worked, they came up with a flyer. In that flyer it said "If you like and have an old
car and want to start a club please attend a meeting which will be held in the evening
on July 10th 1975 at Chicano Park in San Diego." They passed the flyers around their
friends, families and everyone else. The flyers got around and on July 10 1975,
18 guys with clean cars from all over the San Diego area showed up to the meeting,
of those 18 that showed up, only 10 decided to stay to form a club. Right away they 
started to think of a name for this new car club. In the beginning, there were three or 
four different names that came up while listening to some "Oldies", yet no one agreed 
on any of them. That was until someone said. "Hey we like to listen to oldies" and we 
have "oldies", so what if we call ourselves "OLDIES". Everyone liked the sound of it
and actually agreed, then they came up with the idea to make the plaques out of brass
with Old English letters. As time passed and the clubs prestige grew, members began to
grow. Whether it was a friend inviting another friend into the club or by word of mouth,
the positive attention we were getting was good, it seemed as though anywhere you went,
you were bound to see the "OLDIES" plaque either in someone’s car or shirt. Likewise in
1981 a member of the club went to Los Angeles and while there in Los Angeles, he saw this
guy with "OLDIES" on his cap. The guy from San Diego was curious to know what "Oldies"
on his cap meant, so he asked him, the guy said it stood for a car club in San Fernando Valley,
The guy from San Diego, who also had a cap with "Oldies" said that he was also in
a car club. On June 28 1981, Oldies Car Club of San Diego invited their friends of San
Fernando Valley and their families to come down to Chicano Park in San Diego to have a good
time. The guys from San Fernando Valley were sporting a brown shirt with yellow block
letters in a wave like manner, and the shirts from the guys of San Diego were black with
white Old English letters. Both clubs came up with the idea to make one plaque that said
"Oldies Car Club" without mentioning the area where one was from so it would show unity
amongst any other chapter. The shirts also changed they became black with yellow Old
English letters in a wave like manner. Both clubs realized that they shared common
interests, one being the old cars, the purpose to unite and gain respect from the
community and from other clubs. Communication between both clubs was constant.
Both clubs got together for picnics, community events, parties and car shows.
The rest is history.